Garden Chores and Charts

Here you will find month-to-month guides on what to do and when to do it for vegetables, fruit, native and adapted plants, trees, soil care, trees and lawns. Print them out and put them in your garden shed, your

garage, or in your garden records book.

You will also find articles on what chores are needed in each month, what tools you need, and how and when when to use them. ‘

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December Garden Chores

  Take care when pruning freeze-damaged plants Although we expect this winter to be dryer and warmer than usual, this doesn’t preclude an occasional freeze.

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July Garden Chores

  Planting summer vegetables, taking care of parched perennial and annual flowers, paying special attention to your lawn and taking care of yourself during the

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November Garden Chores

  If your November garden chores include bulbs, roses, shrubs and woody vines this month, then get your soil ready. Bring in some compost to

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