Natural Organic Mulch

Natural organic mulch, as opposed to dyed or synthetic mulch, has essential properties that positively influence the growth and health of your plants, whether they are in the vegetable garden, on your ornamental flowering plants, shrubs, and yes, even on trees. Dyed and synthetic mulches do not have many of these properties.

10 Natural Organic Mulch Benefits

1. Decomposes slowly.

2. Slowly releases nutrients into the soil.

3. Effectively maintains moisture and slowly releases it.

4. Keeps the soil at a moderate temperature.

5. Provides weed control

6. Natural mulch is sustainable.

7. Relatively cheap to purchase.

8. Resists compaction.

9. Creates a diverse environment for soil biota.

10. May sequester pollutants.

Natural organic mulches are not dyed, are not treated, and are made from natural wood and leaves, and not from treated wood products. Why natural organic mulch, not dyed or synthetic mulch?