Back Yard Composting with a Master Composter Expert

Winter is a haven for birds

It’s literally freezing outside, but I took some moments to do a little bird watching. Since my office borders the waterway, I see a great many waterfowl around. Last year, I saw an eagle catch a fish, land about 100 yards away and proceed to feed. Awesome sight. Today, despite the freezing temperature  – or…

Interview with Soil Scientist John Ferguson

John Ferguson is a soil scientist and owner of Nature’s Way Resources, an organic compost and soil facility located in Montgomery County.

Questions residents have about lawn care

Q. I have trees in my yard, and the grass doesn’t want to grow well under them. What can I do?                                                                     …

Creating a self-sufficient lawn

Now is the time to get ready for springtime. A soil test might be a good idea. Both Texas A&M and LSU offer a great soil test for about $15. Use your computer search engine to browse for Texas A&M Soil Testing or LSU Soil Testing.

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