Mike Mendeck and Bob Dailey discuss rainwater harvesting (video)

Rainwater Harvesting Made Simple

Master Gardener and Rainwater Harvesting Specialist Mike Mendeck explains the basics of rainwater harvesting and some of the special tricks he and other master gardeners have developed to enhance rainwater harvesting. Find out more about the Montgomery County Texas Master Gardeners here. Information about rainwater harvesting from the Texas Water Development Board.

No irrigation for 11 months? Impossible!

According to recent studies, soil with sufficient organic matter (about five percent of the total mass) can three quarts or more of water per cubic foot.

Backflow Preventers Important for Health, Safety Reasons

We all take the water we drink, bathe in, or prepare food with, for granted. We assume that the water will always be clean and safe to drink. There is, however, a hidden risk that many people don’t give enough attention to – backflow preventers. Occasionally, situations take place that can impair the quality of…

Cicada Killers More Frightening than Dangerous

The insect is big.  The body can be two inches long, and the extended wingspan three to four inches long.  It can be terrifying as it zips around the yard, dipping this way and that looking for its prey, looking for all the world like a giant, angry hornet. The insect is large, but fortunately,…

Community Garden for Kids

Interfaith of The Woodlands operates a children’s donation garden at Wendtwood Park, Creekside Village, The Woodlands. The garden includes a pizza-shaped garden where children can plant vegetables according to season, and also learn to harvest. The garden also includes handicapped gardens, a pollination garden, native plants, herbs and fruit trees. Read more about Veggie Village…

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