A lot of sagos and palms won’t make it after the freeze. Both are tropical or semi-tropical plants. Some sagos and palms can withstand freezes down to 20 F, and there are a few varieties of palms that can withstand 10 F.


Sagos are not true palms. Instead, they are from the much more ancient cycad family. These plants can withstand temperatures down to 20F, but any colder than that can cause severe damage or even kill the plant.

Here are somethings to do for your sagos:

  1. Cut all damaged and discolored fronds now.
  2. Clip them about two inches from the trunk.,
  3. Be careful when disposing of the leaves. All parts of the plant are highly poisonous.
  4. Check the crown regularly to see if it’s producing new fronds. If not, then it may be dead. You can cut back the fronds now, but don’t dig up the plant until you know it’s finished, which may not occur until May.

If you find your sago is genuinely dead by May, dig it out and plant another sago or something else in its place.

Palms that may survive are windmill palms, Washtingtonia palms, and Sabal palms.

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