Do copperheads eat cicadas? It’s not a myth!

On a warm and dark summer night, cicadas emerging from their year-long underground foraging run straight into the mouths of hungry copperheads. Yes, copperheads – one of the three most common venomous snakes along the Gulf Coast.

The march of the cicada killers

Cicadas are emerging from their almost two-decade sleep and cicada killers will not be far behind. Compared to most insects in North America, the cicada killer is gigantic. The body can be two inches long, and the extended wingspan three to four inches long. It can be terrifying as it zips around the yard, dipping this way and that, looking for its prey, strongly resembling a giant, angry hornet.

Anyone can propagate plants…squirrels, birds and other animals do it regularly

I often reseed my natives by stripping some of the ripe seed heads in the fall. Some I spread on soil in the yard, and some I save in old medicine pill bottles for future use. I also start some collected seeds in starter pots for transplanting into the garden after they sprout.