dark purple tulip flowers

November Garden Chores

Now is a great time to plant bulbs for spring blooms.  Some include: paperwhites, Spanish bluebells, tulips, yellow spider lilies, Chinese ground orchid, Byzantine gladiolus, Bearded irises, daylilies, oxalis, rain lilies, spider lilies, Louisiana iris, and African iris.

November in the Garden

La Nina is messing with our weather again. The National Weather Service reports above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation in our area and most of the U.S. for November, December and January. Being forewarned is being forearmed. You might want to consider installing drip irrigation for your vegetables and your ornamental

Autumn Leaves and Other Musings

I’ve always loved fall. Smokey dusks turning tree lines a subtle purple.  The leaves of ash, elm, maple, pecan, and gum turning their fall colors, backdropped by green aromatic pines, their brushy limbs cleaning the air and the tens of varieties of oaks (Hundreds? Thousands?) squatting down restraining the earth with their roots – trigger…

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