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Solarize Your Garden

Solarize Your Garden

Solarizine your garden to get rid of pests, disease and weeds. It's easy and inexpensive to do, and it can sincrease your yield at your next planting

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What the heck is pH

What the heck is pH

pH is an abbreviation for “power of hydrogen” where “p” is short for the German word for power (potenz), and H is the element symbol for hydrogen. Why a Danish scientist used a German word is Greek to me, but he was a scientist, and I’m not, so I’ll just go with the flow. The H is capitalized because it is standard to capitalize element symbols. So now you understand about as much as I do.

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A pocket prairie in the middle of town

A pocket prairie in the middle of town

It's easy to build a pocket prairie. Get a list of native plants (your state Native Pant Society should be able to sulpply you with one.

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Caring for Evergreen Woody Shrubs after Winter Storm Uri

Winter Storm Uri is over, but residents of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi are coping with damage to their landscapes. Everything looks terrible, and our first inclination is to go out and water and fertilize.

Caring for Palms and Sagos after Winter Storm Uri

A lot of sagos and palms won’t make it after the freeze. Both are tropical or semi-tropical plants. Some sagos and palms can withstand freezes down to 20 F, and there are a few varieties of palms that can withstand 10 F.

Gardening Chores For February

It’s February, and just one more month until spring here on the Gulf Coast. Although it hasn’t been a very cold winter, most of us gardeners are excited to plant our tomatoes come the first week in March (I hope), as well as enjoy all our spring-bloomers that we planted in the fall.

Allelopathic Plants: Garden Serial Killers?

It might sound a little like science fiction, but allelopathic plants can kill or suppress the growth of your garden vegetation.

Try “No-Till” in your vegetable garden

Soil scientists now realize that tilling interferes with the soil’s complicated relationship and the micro-organisms that keep the ground healthy and productive. Tilling also compacts the soil, brings long-dormant weed seeds to the surface sale, and adds to erosion.

November in the Garden

La Nina is messing with our weather again. The National Weather Service reports above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation in our area and most of the U.S. for November, December and January. Being forewarned is being forearmed. You might want to consider installing drip irrigation for your vegetables and your ornamental

Solarize your garden

If you want to get rid of those weeds always coming up in your garden – solarize. Desperately desiring to drastically cut down on the number of insect pests for next seasons planting? Suspect you may have some root rot nematodes? Or some microscopic pathogenic bacteria villains creeping through your garden beds? Solarization may be…

July Garden Chores

With all the crazy weather we had in June, it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen this month. I must admit that tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and beans did extraordinarily well. And, despite the presence of the squash vine borer, unaffected squash produced substantially. Predictions can be wrong As for July, the Old Farmer’s Almanac…

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