Neonicotinoids – Still killing butterflies and bees

In case you didn’t know, neonicotinoids are a new class of insecticides related to nicotine. The name actually means “new, nicotine-like insecticide.” Neonicotinoids affect receptors in the nerve synapse of insects. Particularly toxic to insects, they can also harm vertebrates.

Honey Bees,  Mites, and Neonicotinoid Insecticides…What’s causing our honey bee decline

Honey bees are disappearing at alarming rates across the globe and scientists are still scrambling to find out the causes. Since honeybees are responsible for pollinating 30% of the world’s food crops and 90% of our wild plants, the decline is something to sit up and take notice of. Significant declines in the world’s honey…

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