Mike Mendeck and Bob Dailey discuss rainwater harvesting (video)

Exploring rainwater harvesting with Master Gardener Mike Mendeck – Part 2

Part 2 with Bob Dailey at the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension service for Montgomery County in Conroe walking to Mike Mendeck . Mike is a master gardener and a rainwater harvesting specialist. Here, Mike takes us through the extensive rainwater harvesting systems at the Montgomery County Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service in Conroe, Texas. Read more…

Mike Mendeck and Bob Dailey discuss rainwater harvesting (video)

Rainwater Harvesting Made Simple

Master Gardener and Rainwater Harvesting Specialist Mike Mendeck explains the basics of rainwater harvesting and some of the special tricks he and other master gardeners have developed to enhance rainwater harvesting. Find out more about the Montgomery County Texas Master Gardeners here. Information about rainwater harvesting from the Texas Water Development Board.

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